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About This Product

Do you like consuming marijuana but can’t? Maybe you’re interested in or are currently using CBD in another form but don’t like the taste or the carriers. This high-quality Hemp, grown right here in Colorado, might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Every plant is legally grown and tested (see Colorado Department of Agriculture standards) and then retested by a 3rd party once properly cured. We have different levels of quality from “brand new to the scene” to “hemp connoisseur.”

Recommended Use

There are many claims about what CBD can and cannot do. We are not here to add to those claims. Instead, here is a list of things that we have found CBD helps with: inflammation, mild pain, anxiety, insomnia, chronic diseases including Crohn’s and Parkinson’s, depression, adjustment disorder, and potentially other ailments. 

CBD is expected to have positive long-term effects on bone health, cognitive function, and general synergy between the various systems of the body.


It’s impossible to measure the exact amount of CBD in a specific quantity of hemp flower because a proper test will consume the flower in the process. Each strain has been tested for potency and the results are provided. Based on the route of consumption, it’s best to start out with a 0.5g to 1.0g (between one bowl and one joint), and adjust from there. The hemp flower is quite effective by itself, and it’s benefits are increased when mixed with marijuana. 


Our ingredients are simple: high-quality CBD rich hemp. All of the ingredients in this product meet the standards for being organicvegan, and gluten free

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Cherry Wine (13.78% CBD)


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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Mostly yes, but only trace amounts. The federal definition of hemp (and it’s derivatives) requires 0.3% or less THC. All of our full-spectrum products meet or exceed the FDA’s standard. Any products that are classified as isolate or broad-spectrum do not contain any THC.

We believe in an approach to cannabinoids known as “the entourage effect,” which identifies a beneficial interaction between different cannabinoids. Read more about it in this article.

First off, take everything you know about cannabis (good and bad) and set it aside. CBD has the potential for having mild and beneficial effects on your mind and body. Like everything, some people are more sensitive than others. With that being said, there don’t seem to be records of people having negative experiences with CBD or overdosing on it. So the best approach is to try about 20-30mg at a time, assess your results, and adjust from there.

We’re slowly building our arsenal of hemp and cannabinoid articles (own research, own writings), so we’d suggest starting here. But we will always encourage people to do their own research and find their own sources they can trust.