Not All Vaping is Bad: The differences between wet vaping and dry vaping (2021)

Are you considering vaping? Or, looking for more ways to enhance your vaping experience? Whichever, knowing the different vaping alternatives will come in handy in your vaping journey. From a worldwide seven million in 2011, the vaping community burgeoned to a teeming 41 million vapers in 2018 and currently sits at an estimated 50 million. 

Although there’s been a huge exodus from smoking to vaping – since the latter ‘seems’ healthier – experts are saying the vape world isn’t ‘clean’, either. Many, including vape users, think ‘e-juice’ whenever vaping is mentioned. But there’s more to vaping than just e-juice.

Ever heard of dry herb vaping?

As you continue, you’ll learn the clear differences between juice vape and dry vape, which you should prefer, and why.

Is vaping safe?

For logical reasons, vaping is widely promoted as a less harmful inhalation alternative to smoking. However, the ‘lung-disease’ scare has caused increasing concern among health experts and vapers. While the actual cause is yet unidentified, ingredients in your e-liquid are the most likely culprit.

In response, many vapers have sought more natural alternatives to enjoy their cannabis-rich vapor without all the unnecessary additives. So far, dry herb vaping seems the most promising option available.

The issues with vaping e-liquids...

Most e-liquids are under-labeled and without FDA approval. This exposes users to truckloads of products with toxic ingredients, which can leave us sick. When heated, e-liquids release toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde, a cancer-causing compound. Another common substance in e-liquids is acrolein, a chemical thought to cause lung- and heart-related diseases. Again, e-liquids usually contain flavorings, added to get unique flavors. Sadly, such non-natural addictive may pose a danger to our lung health. Besides, it’s practically impossible to know exactly what’s in your vape juice mix, except with lab analysis. 

E-liquid products may be gradually phasing out as some health, and legal authorities are increasingly expressing doubts about the safety profile of these concentrates. Currently, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is tracing the possible causes of side effects reported by vapers. On the short term, fatigue, vomiting, chest pain, and shortness of breath have been common reports from vapers.

E-liquid vapor deposits unhealthy substances, which can leave you addicted and threaten your health. Cancer and heart diseases are possible long term results of using e-liquids.

The good news? Dry herb vaping!

There’s more to vaping than using e-liquid. Raw cannabis flower isn’t only safer than e-liquids; it brings a whole new smoothness to your vaping journey. Vaping dry cannabis flower is far less risky – compared to e-liquids. You’ll get ‘cleaner’ drags with dry vaping as long as you invest in top quality flowers.

While vape juice’s ingredients are a ‘secret,’ dry herb looks like a more transparent bargain. An average cannabis enthusiast can easily spot top-quality flowers. Besides, cannabis bud production generally has strict regulatory standards across most jurisdictions.

How does dry herb vaping work?

Vaping dry herbs is no rocket science. Dry herb vaping simply means vaporizing raw cannabis flowers. The buds are usually ground and poured into the vaporizer’s chambers – whether desktops or the handier pen-like options.

The devices come in different variants – size, shapes, etc. These tools are designed to generate different temperatures; based on individual user’s needs. Vapes have different heating technologies – basically, the conduction and convection models. While the conduction heats the herb directly, the convection option circulates heat around the herbs to produce the necessary cannabinoids and terpenes.

Dry herb vaping by-passes combustion (burning); hence, it’s widely free of carbon monoxide, tar, and related concerns with traditional smoking or vaping liquids. Interestingly, according to research, vaporizing dried cannabis may even help reverse cannabis-smoking-related respiratory risks.

Wrap up

Dry herb vaping differs from inhaling e-liquids. Top-quality cannabis flowers do not contain contaminants like flavorings and other harmful chemicals. Dry vaping is also far ‘less harmful’ than smoking herbs. With vaping, unlike smoking, there is no burning. No fire. No smoke. This makes your inhalation free of different harmful possibilities associated with smoking cigarettes.

Not sure where to find quality cannabis flowers?  Viridian Heights is your sure plug. Our herbs are sourced from American-standard cannabis farming practices. Even with outstanding-quality products, the price tags are competitive– both wholesale and retail. 

Well, don’t take my words for it. See for yourself.

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