CBD and EVOO: A New Dimension

By Viridian Heights         Updated: 10 August 2020

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. The oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then diluting it with carrier oil. The result of the procedure is what is referred to as CBD oil. 

CBD is a phytocannabinoid, similar to the endocannabinoids produced within the body. Phytocannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors to create a series of therapeutic effects. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not psychoactive; that is, it does not create a high when consumed. Instead, it helps the body to build its natural efforts towards wellness.

CBD offers lots of benefits to the user. It is known to be anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, to reduce anxiety, and help to relieve pain.

Carrier Oils and CBD

Carrier oils, as the name suggests, is a base oil. They are often derived from plants and are included with CBD extracts. The oils serve a unique purpose of helping to deliver the active compound – CBD – into the body through the various mediums of absorption. Carrier oils are essential, besides acting as a transfer medium; they often have beneficial properties when consumed as a standalone supplement. Some examples of carrier oils used with CBD include: coconut, MCT, palm, olive, avocado, hemp seed, sesame, and grape seed oil. 

Benefits of Carrier Oils

Delivery: Carrier oils aid CBD absorption in the body. It carries the CBD into the body and helps the body to process the active compound. Because CBD combines seamlessly with dietary fats, it can bind directly with the plant-based fat molecules that your body is familiar with processing. This lipophilic nature of CBD causes it to latch securely upon fatty molecules, increasing the CBD’s bioavailability in the body.

Potency: Unlike other mediums such as CBD powders or isolates, it is easier to ensure proper dosing with CBD infused carrier oils. Because the CBD is distributed evenly in carrier oils, adequate dosing and consistency of dose can be achieved, increasing the potency of CBD in the body. 

Freshness: Active CBD compounds can maintain both stability and potency for long-lasting freshness when placed with a carrier oil. Carrier oils oxidize at a much slower rate and can maintain freshness for a much longer time.

EVOO as a Carrier Oil

EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a category of olive oils and the highest-quality olive oil you can find. It typically has a golden-green color, with a distinct flavor and a light peppery finish. For olive oil to receive the label “extra virgin,” it has to meet precise quality standards. The oil is the most beneficial of all the categories of olive oils; it has a lower level of oleic acid and more of the natural vitamins and minerals found in olives. It’s not treated with chemicals or altered by temperature. What sets EVOO apart from the rest of the carrier oils is its low level of oleic acid, the absence of sensory flaws and a high bioavailability due to its lipophilic nature. It contains no more than 1% oleic acid.

Benefits of EVOO

Extra virgin olive oil protects against heart disease, cancer and is highly anti-inflammatory. Some benefits of EVOO include:

  • Anti-inflammation: Olive oil protects against inflammation, a key driver of heart disease, and cancer.
  • High Antioxidant: EVOO is rich in antioxidants that reduce oxidative damage and protect the body against free radicals.
  • Improves blood vessel health: Olive oil improves the function of the endothelium (the lining of the blood vessels) by reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Some studies have even suggested that olive oil can help prevent unwanted blood clotting. Research studies have shown that mono-saturated fatty acids contribute to improving blood flow and consistency. 
  • Lowers blood pressure. EVOO helps to lower blood pressure. One study in patients with elevated blood pressure found that olive oil reduced blood pressure significantly and lessened the need for blood pressure medication by 48%.

Benefits of Using EVOO with CBD

Known to be tremendously healthy for the skin and hair (and because it is full of so many nutrients) EVOO supports mental agility and plays a vital role in supporting the immune system. Research indicates that EVOO plays a role in the low prevalence of terminal illness and a higher life expectancy of people in the Mediterranean where the oil is a staple.

EVOO is great for the skin. Its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties allow it to relieve everyday skin ailments. It has antibacterial and anti-aging properties and helps keep the skin hydrated by building the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss.

When combined with CBD, EVOO offers a higher bioavailability, whether it is consumed sublingually or topically. EVOO also shares similar health benefits with CBD and, when paired together, offers an avalanche of health benefits that is unsurpassed by other combinations of carrier oils and CBD.

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